Discover. Curate.

HASH is a generative art collection where each piece represents an Ethereum transaction. Hunt for beautiful moments, discover history, and tell your story through HASH.

Library of Alexandria

Indexing the chain is hard work. Which is why we need your help to build a community of reputable & knowledgeable members ready to verify & curate the library of Ethereum.

Weave your Narrative
Use Comments to directly append some text, a Tweet, or any NFT to a HASH. Use our Save feature to keep track of interesting or beautiful moments you stumble across.
Smart Tag Builder
Use the Historian Tag Builder to label known contracts, group together tags, & better index the chain. Tags offer a searchable & scalable way to query txs. Learn more
Search & Explore
With our powerful search feature, you can view any txs related to “DAOs”, filter by Smart Tags, view Curations, Comments, Profiles, and more.