What does saving a txn mean?

Think of it as a bookmark, you can then easily view all saves in your profile page. Use this to save txns of historic importantance, or future mints.

What does ‘pre-minting’ a season mean?

Season artworks are now revealed a few weeks before minting is active. During this phase, users can see what the artwork would look like for any txHash and begin collecting. Consult this thread for more details.

What does it mean to migrate my HASH?

HashV3 introduces a number of new features: native trading in the dapp, comments, verdicts. To help facilitate these features, we are allowing users to migrate their current HASH tokens to the new HASHv2 contract. Currently, we are only prompting migration WHEN it is REQUIRED. Consult this thread for more details. Find contract addresses here.

How does HASH marketplace work?

The HASH marketplace is powered by 0x v4 protocol. Contracts are professionally built to be gas efficient, safe, and future proof by the 0x core team. POB studios do not maintain or deploy these contracts, we only host the orders created on the dapp.

What is the fee to use the HASH marketplace?

The HASH marketplace currently charges 5% for all trades. This fee is routed to POB studios to fund continued work on HASH.

Where are comments stored?

All data on HASH created by users are stored on IPFS, we use firebase to index the data and to offer quality of life improvements.

What is a session?

We utilize a centralized service to offer a number of features like saving, commenting, and upvoting. To link your address to our service, we need a session to be created and active. Creating a session is easy, simply sign the prompted data and HASH will seamlessly work.

Why should I link my twitter?

Linking twitter connects your address to a twitter account, enabling usernames + profiles added in hash. Linking twitter is also a opportunity for you to enable all the features in HASH.